Slovakia is rightly proud of its long history of folklore and customs. Every region, city and municipality has its own distinctive character and folklore – costumes, music, songs, architecture, customs, traditions, dances, and dialect. During your stay, we’ll showcase our customs and traditions. Enjoy the Christmas season and atmosphere – the most beautiful time of the year – in Slovakia!

During this time, you’ll enjoy a range of specialties at magical Christmas markets. The perfect time to unwind, meet friends, enjoy traditional foods, warm up with mulled wine, and buy Christmas presents, decorations and delicacies. Know mead honey wine and traditional Slovak Christmas food? Maybe you’ve drunk hriatô (warm plum brandy)? We’ll explore these seasonal delights together. Traditional tasting of food and drinks on Bratislava’s winding old lanes awaits you.

We’ll organize a Christmas-season holiday combined with wellness and Slovak wine tasting to truly warm up the winter season. Look forward to festive surprises!