tasting spirits


Location: Marcelová (approximately 140 km from Bratislava to Marcelová)

Duration: about 3 hours (+ transport by driven car from/to Bratislava)

Meeting point: according to agreement

Availability: all year round


Enjoy the unique atmosphere of tasting spirits and top quality liqueurs in the pleasant-smelling distillery in Marcelová. A detailed exposition, tour and guided tasting of the most valued distillery in Slovakia are waiting for you.

The Fruit Distillery Cooperation puts an emphasis on the best possible quality, and that is why it produces limited series of pure-variety distillates and products from the distillates – all under the Marsen brand. In addition, the Marsen brand also includes a number of exclusive liqueurs, spirits and, recently, also jams. All products are produced with an emphasis on maximum quality.

They say that you can never have too much of a good thing. Partly, this is also true of this distillery – variety distillates are actually limited editions of spirits. Marsen, however, offers enough to satisfy the taste of the fans of this brand.

The spirits do not contain any flavourings or colourings. The entire manufacturing process is looked after carefully. There is an effort to get the maximum from the fruit base. It seems that this effort is really worthwhile. Marsen is probably the most valued Slovak brand of spirits on the market. Many awards and certificates from exhibitions and international competitions are proof of its success.


Included in the programme:

  • Entry to the Fruit distillery Marsen
  • Guided tasting with an exposition (10 samples) and tour of the distillery
  • Appetisers during the tasting
  • Dinner in a buffet style
  • Viatory guide
  • Car transport with a driver


The programme (tasting with guided tour + dinner) takes about 3 hours. The transfer from Bratislava to Marcelová takes about 1 hour. Expect a total programme duration of about 5 hours.

Additional information:

Once the order is received, we will send you a confirmation of your booking with accurate information.

If you have any inquiries and questions, do not hesitate to contact us (by mail, by phone, via the contact form on our site).

The programme also includes tasting of alkohol. The minimum drinking age is 18 years.

If there is not a sufficient number of people in a group (at least 4), the trip may be cancelled. In this case, we will send full refund to your account.