VIA Museum B-S 4 – Czechoslovak fortification museum


Bunker B-S – Czechoslovak fortification museum

Location: Bratislava

Program duration: approx. 1 hour

Difficulty: medium

Meeting: by agreement

Availability: April – October (entrance is not accessible during the winter months)

Number of people: at least 4


We are authentic Museum of pre-war Czechoslovak Republic and its masterpiece fortification system built during just three years before Adolf Hitler set foot on Czechoslovak grounds and began the World War II.

The aim of the museum is to educate visitors in the fortification subject, our pre-war history, and the situation shortly before the Second World War.
The fortification museum is situated in the historical rooms of the pre-war bunker keep. At bunker
B-S 4 bear witness to the history of the fortress, and everyday life at the fortress. Steel loop holes, massive concrete walls and original air cleaning system can be admired as well as items that no fortress can do without: weapons and special fortress weapon systems, fortress turrets, ammunition, storage rooms, uniforms and things of soldier´s everyday use. A completely arranged fortress bathroom, sleeping rooms and the commander’s office room offer insight into the past.


In total there are…

  • Two reconstructed floors, one of them under ground
  • Famous Czechoslovak weapons
  • Command table with projections of maps, tactics and blueprints
  • Original bunker accessories like air system, water well, bathroom and toilets devices, bedrooms, storage units
  • Protective components like heavy armor doors, massive loop holes
  • Collections of medals, belts types, uniforms, helmets
  • Collection of all ammunition types for fortress weapons
  • Items that soldiers used to use in everyday life in the bunker


Included in the program:

  • Entry to the Museum B-S 4
  • Viatory guide
  • Car transfer with a driver


Additional information:

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