VIA Wild river Resort


Location: Bratislava

Duration: depends on the activities

Meeting point: according to agreement

Availability: from march to november

Number of people: at least 2


Do you want to experience a rush of adrenaline? Do you love water and all the activities associated with it? Stop looking for the right place, you have already found it! We invite you to the Divokávoda resort near Bratislava. You can choose from a wide range of activities and sports. It is up to you. 


RAFTING – It is one of the most attractive water sports at the Divokávoda resort. Do not hesitate to try this activity at least once in your life. It is suitable for all ages, in case of good physical fitness. It is a team activity, full of fun but also new experiences. The minimum age for this activity is 15. 
Included in the price of the rafting programme: full rental of equipment, instructions from experienced instructors, changing room with a shower and 60 minutes of wild water rafting. 

Rafting is available for a minimum of 4 people. 6 crew members and one instructor fit into one rafting boat. If there is not a sufficient number of people in your group, book your rafting experience for a non-binding date and we will find you another group for your boat and contact you.

KAYAK SCHOOL – We offer you the K1 kayak school in quiet and wild waters.

HYDROSPEED – The greatest adrenaline in wild waters where you meet the rapids head-on.Hydrospeed is a float on which you lie and float down the stream. This activity is intended for one or more people, where each individual confronts the wild water individually. It undoubtedly means a good dose of adrenaline.

SURFING – You no longer need the sea or the ocean. There is an artificial surfing wave at the Divokávoda resort, where both professionals and amateurs can fool around. Do not hesitate to come and try this unique opportunity in Europe!  

JET SKIING – Enjoy the experience of a fast adrenaline water ride right in middle of the Divokávoda resort. Quality jet skis will guarantee you a safe ride and an unforgettable feeling from a new adventure.

BOAT RIDE ON THE DANUBE – Thanks to the Crownline 220 LS motorboat with 300 horsepower, you will experience the genuine feeling of going for a fast ride on the Danube River. We also offer sightseeing Danube cruises to Bratislava and the neighbouring countries.

The motorboat is intended for 7 passengers. The captain drives the motorboat, never the passengers – unless they own a captain’s licence.

WAKEBOARD & WATER SKIING – It is a water attraction pulled by a Jet ski. The wakeboard is a board with a wide surface for both feet similar to a skateboard. 

Included in the price: Rent of a jet ski for pulling the wakeboard, fuel, industrial lubricants, riding track, instructor with VMP authorisation, life jacket, helmet, wakeboard/water skis.

The participant will receive brief instructions on how to perform this activity. The ride takes place under the drainage channel of the wild water in the old Danube riverbed. The activity is intended for one participant.

AQUAROLLER –Inflatable cylinder on the water’s surface. Inside the cylinder you try to walk and move forward. The activity takes place in the return channel of our resort.

ARCHERY – Archery is a new activity at our resort. We have bows designed for women and men, numeric targets, and a 3D target. We can make the activity more attractive by organising a competition.

QUAD RIDING – Go wild on a 500-meter off-road track right at the resort. We have quads with 200W power and an automatic steering system. It all takes place under an instructor’s supervision. Included in the price are a helmet, a mask and the ride itself. The activity is available all year round depending on the weather.

PAINTBALL – There is a paintball field at the resort where you can challenge your opponent to a fight or have fun with friends thanks to this amusing game. 

Included in the price: Marker (Tippman), protective mask, CO2, camouflage overalls, 200/100 balls, two instructors and a weapons service.


Included in the price:

  • Sport activity of your choice
  • Instructor and initial briefing
  • Viatory guide
  • Car transport with a driver


 Additional information:

Once the order is received, we will send you a confirmation of your booking with accurate information.

If you have any inquiries and questions, do not hesitate to contact us (by mail, by phone, via the contact form on our site).

If there is not a sufficient number of people in a group (at least 2), the trip may be cancelled. In this case, we will send full refund to your account.